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I am a qualified experienced professional with a long experience in the audiovisual sector, striving to do what has never been done before. Intellectual and creative development are the driving forces in my life. And The pursuit of excellence is my main aspiration.

I am an eager and quick learner, tenacious, demanding, extremely creative, very hard-working, and highly motivated.

I strive to be an upstanding, respectful, proactive, flexible and cooperative person. 

Professionally, my experience has taught me the virtues of teamwork, which has helped me to become an efficient and valued co-worker with effective communication skills both ways. I am also completely autonomous in the performance of my duties. 



My main goal is to create productions that add tangible value to people's lives and that are at the cutting edge of creativity. Working in an environment where inclusion, teamwork and, of course, excellence are paramount. 



Postproduction Supervisor I am currently Postproduction Supervisor in more than 16 films and series at FREE YOUR MIND, winner of 5 Goya Awards and nominated in multiple occasions. It is one of the most important postproduction company in Spain. 

Postproduction Coordinator I have worked on 6 fiction series at BUENDÍA ESTUDIOS (2023). Between 2013 and 2015 I was Postproduction Coordinator for 3 seasons of the animation series Mr.Trance for the production company EL RECREO ESTUDIO.

Outstanding Skills - Commercial relationship with producers, directors, etc., managing of all invoices related to the post-production process | Creation and Supervision of the post-production schedule | Creation and Supervision of the post-production budgets | Management, organization and supervision of the workflow of the Editing and Postproduction teams [Conforming, Music (spotting, compositing, production, revisions, deliveries), Color (pregrading, color, revisions, deliveries), Sound (editing, ADRS, mixing, revisions, deliveries), VFX creation, Graphics (headers, credits, etc.)] | Management and organization of the approval by client of everything related to Editing, Color, VFX, Sound, Music, Graphics.

Creative Producer | Associate Producer in different production companies (2016 / 2023), highlighting my work in the film production company  APACHE FILMS (2016 / 2020)

, one of the most relevant Spanish independent film production companies of the decade (2016 / 2020). Producing 12 films, 2 series and developing more than 40 projects. 

Outstanding films and series: La llamada and Paquita Salas directed by Javier Calvo and Javier Ambrossi, Quién te cantará directed by Carlos Vermut, Verónica and La abuela directed by Paco Plaza, The sister brothers directed by Jacques Audiard. Obtaining among many other awards and nominations:

  • More than 30 nominations to the Goya Awards.

  • Two nominations in the Official Selection of the San Sebastian International Film Festival.

  • One Academy Awards nomination (The Oscars). 

  • The Silver Lion at the Venice International Film Festival.

Apache Films was headed by Enrique López Lavigne, producer of films that accumulated more than 80 MILLION spectators and more than 200 AWARDS, with titles such as Lo Imposible and Un monstruo viene a verme by J.A. Bayona.

Responsible for the creative area of the production company, she led the creative strategy to position our projects in the first line of sales. From the first script synopsis and the search for financing, to its theatrical release and implementation in different formats and platforms. Working closely with Producers, Directors, Distributors, Marketing and Communication Agencies, etc.

Editor of more than 80 audiovisual projects (2004/2023), among others: 52 chapters of 5 minutes. Animation Series | 8 Documentaries | 5 Fiction Short Films | 10 Trailers | 9 Making-of | 6 Moodtrailers | 3 Videoclips | 9 Web Spots | 10 Video-dance Short Films | 12 Video Art Short Films.

  • Obtaining more than 150 nominations in festivals around the world. Among others:

  •  - Official Selection of the Critics' Week of the Cannes International Film Festival. 2022

  • - Official Selection of the Toronto International Film Festival. 2022

  • - Zabaltegi-Tabakalera Competitive Section of the San Sebastian International Film Festival, opening this section. 2022

  • - Official Selection, out of competition. Sitges - International Fantastic Film Festival of Catalonia.

  • - Official section, out of competition. San Sebastian Horror and Fantasy Film Week.

  • - International Emmy Awards. 2015

Outstanding skills - Work briefings with Director and Producer | Analysis, brainstorming and contribution of creative experience | Reading, notes, revision and analysis of the script | Search for references | Analysis and selection of shots for editing | Analysis of script parts | Creation of structure | Creation of scripts based on totals | Creation of animatics | Audiovisual editing of projects | Application of SFX, VFX, GFX | Supervision of deadlines. 

Producer | Director | Scriptwriter (2004 / 2014). Founder of the independent audiovisual production company Nadia NN Martínez de Marañón y Navarro. Producer with more than 60 audiovisual projects produced (documentaries, short films, video dances, video art, web commercials, video clips, etc.). Collaborating with companies such as RTVE, MTV, Canal Cuatro, Cartoon Network, MoMA, Hispan TV, 360 Global Media, Renfe, Comunidad de Madrid, Spanish Ministry of Culture, Edinburgh City Council, FIB (Benicassim International Festival), big event companies, etc.

  • ​​​Achieving more than 100 nominations in some of the most prestigious festivals in the world.

Outstanding competences - Responsible for all creative, executive and organizational decisions of the projects for all purposes (script, financing, production and post-production schedule, casting, technical team, locations, etc.).

Continuity Supervisor | Assistant Director in 30 audiovisual projects (2002 / 2014). Among them, several series and films. Collaborating with directors such as: Sergio Cabrera, Marina Seresesky, Jacob Martos, Marc Vigil, etc. And, artistic teams such as: Paco León, Carmen Machi, Alvaro Morte, Asier Exteandia, Juana Acosta, etc. Produced and broadcast on A3M, RTVE and TELECINCO.

Outstanding competences as Script - Reading, breaking down the script by departments, by characters, by locations, etc. | Analysis of the shooting plan and the daily shooting order | Meetings with the different departments | Supervision of the continuity of each shot (script, character directions, direction of the looks, action cut points, action continuity, etc.) | Completion and delivery of the daily production and editing reports.

Outstanding competences as Assistant Director - Breakdown of the literary script, noting all the needs for each of the departments involved in the production | Meetings with the heads of each department involved in the production | Location scouting | Preparation of the shooting plan and the daily shooting order | Coordination of all the departments involved in the production | Organization of wardrobe and make-up tests and rehearsals of actors and extras | Appointments of actors, directors, technical crew and extras | Organization on set of everything related to actors and extras.

Creative Director | Dancer | Teacher | Founding Partner (2004 / 2014). Complutum Artistic Organization. Art in Movement. Collaborating with entities such as, Fundación Telefónica, COAM, INJUVE, Matadero, La Casa Encendida, Madrid en Danza, Karen Taft Dance School and El horno, Associations of people with functional diversity and mental illness. And personalities of the dance and artistic avant-garde such as Barbara Fritsche, Carmen Werner, Frances Bravo, Vinila Von Bismark, David Kano, La China Patino, Cycle, Liers, She Wants Revenge, etc.


I focus on the development and creative service of the project. I possess leadership qualities and team-building skills, and I am passionate about the fusion of new technology and creativity.  

I possess strong artistic judgment and showing great attention to detail, in order to develop the best creative strategy for products. 

I love challenging the conventional ways of thinking in the industry and I am used to working under pressure and tight deadlines, always ensuring the highest quality standards. 

My greatest ambition is to exceed the client's expectations.

Professional skills: Management, organization and supervision of the workflow of the Editing and Postproduction teams | Editing (fiction, documentary, trailers, etc.) | Production (planning, coordination, supervision) | Trend analysis | Development, creation and presentation of projects and associated creative materials.


I am local and global. Wherever you need me to be, I can come to you, or if you prefer, you can come to my studio, equipped with an editing room and meeting room in the center of Madrid (Spain).


I am ready to meet you where you are in your process, dovetailing with your workflow to make the experience as seamless and effective as possible. Contact me and let's get started!

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